How are Pathways Localised? 

Each pathway goes through a drafting and development process. The team of GP Clinical Editors and Clinical Coordinators work together with Subject Matter Experts form across the state to adapt and refine Pathways of Care for the SA Context.  

We start by documenting current practice, because this reinforces that HealthPathways South Australia (HPSA) is simply "business as usual", written down for reference. 

Rather than being traditional guidelines, each pathway becomes an agreement between primary and specialist services on how patients with particular conditions will be managed in the local context. It facilitates informed decisions at the point of care, promotes standardised ways of working, and supports effective referrals to community and tertiary care services. 

Click on the image see an example pathway.

Pathways go through the following development phases, starting with prioritisation based on local need > Initial editing > local and national Subject Matter Expert input and collaboration > Clinical Work Group discussions (if required) > pathway revisions > sign-off > online consultation > Live Launch

It is designed to be used at point of care primarily by general practitioners (GPs) but is also available to specialists, nurses, allied health and other health professionals. 

HealthPathways is designed to save clinicians time during a consultation and boasts a range of benefits including: 

  • best available information on how to assess and manage common clinical conditions, including when and where to refer patients 
  • easy online access to clinical and patient resources for in-consult use 
  • peer-reviewed information 
  • localised to South Australia. Includes considerations for metro, regional and remote SA as well as specific populations and vulnerable community groups.   
  • integrated and concise. 

The HealthPathways portal is not designed for patient use, therefore a username and password is only provided to clinicians. However, many of the pathways do contain information for patients which can be printed off and given to patients at the time of consultation

HealthPathways SA is being progressively adapted for SA. Locally adapted pathways are launched on the site and can be found in the Table of Contents under ‘Localised Pathways'. Until all pathways are localised for SA, information developed in Canterbury, New Zealand will be available.  

New Zealand pathways may contain useful condition management information. However, please use your clinical judgement as to the appropriateness for your patient. Please keep this in mind whilst viewing the site. 

How is it maintained? 

The pathways and referral information on HealthPathways SA are kept current through continuous feedback and peer review. Each pathway is formally reviewed every 3 years by clinicians across primary and acute care. 

Current Clinical Streams

We are currently working across multiple clinical streams the Priority Clinical Areas for 2022 - 2024 including the following:

  • Assault and Abuse
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Child & Youth Health
  • Endocrinology
  • Ear, Nose & Throat
  • Mental Health
  • Neurology
  • Older Persons Health
  • Orthopaedics
  • Urology

Check the Pathway Progress tab for a live and up-to-date status of current pathway development.

HealthPathways South Australia has been made possible by the funding and support of SA Health, Adelaide PHN and Country SA PHN.

Contact us: For all queries, please contact the HealthPathways South Australia Team