What is HealthPathways South Australia?

HealthPathways is an online portal that provides general practitioners and other health professionals with easy access to comprehensive, evidence-based assessment, management and localised referral resources for specific health conditions. 

Working in partnership, SA Health, Adelaide PHN and Country SA PHN are implementing HealthPathways across South Australia to support consistent care and management of health conditions and to improve the health outcomes and journey of patients through our local health system.

The partnership has established an integrated team to develop and implement HealthPathways South Australia. The HealthPathways team includes: metropolitan and country based General Practitioner (GP) Clinical Editors, Clinical Coordinators and Clinical Leaders from across the primary and acute health sectors. GPs, medical specialists, nurses, allied and other health associated professionals will be engaged to collaborate on the development and localisation of HealthPathways.

Going Live 26 March 2018 - Register to access HealthPathways 

SA Health, Adelaide PHN and Country SA PHN are pleased to announce the HealthPathways portal will be available to GPs and health professionals across South Australia from 26 March 2018. We encourage all GPs and health professionals in South Australia to register for a login by completing the form below.


Contact Us

For any HealthPathways related enquiries or to register your interest to be involved, please contact the HealthPathways South Australia Team via southaustralia@healthpathwayscommunity.org

Register to access
If you are a health professional in South Australia and would like to have access to the HealthPathways South Australia website, please complete the following details:
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HealthPathways South Australia Timeline - A Snapshot

Refer to PATHWAY PROGRESS for details on all current pathway activity

Latest News

The HealthPathways South Australia program had a “kick off” launch event on 17 July 2017 to introduce the team and program generally. The launch provided an opportunity to showcase what has been achieved in New Zealand and Western Australia following HealthPathways implementation there, and to promote how local health professionals can get involved. Watch videos of the launch online via Youtube:


How to Get Involved

HealthPathways South Australia will facilitate communication and collaboration between health professionals across primary and acute care settings and encourage a greater understanding between the sectors to improve the journeys of all South Australians through our local health system. The HealthPathways team is keen to hear from general practitioners, hospital specialists, nurses, allied and other health professionals who are interested in being involved.

For all queries or to register your interest to be involved, please contact the HealthPathways South Australia team: southaustralia@healthpathwayscommunity.org

If you would like to suggest a clinical area or condition for a new pathway, please email: southaustralia@healthpathwayscommunity.org