Pathway Review

In order to maintain accuracy and quality, HealthPathways content is continually being updated as evidenced based practice, clinical guidance and service information evolves. When our team of GP Clinical Editors and Clinical Coordinators are made aware of changes to guidelines or services, we respond appropriately and swiftly to ensure accuracy of the pathways within HealthPathways SA’s portal. Our team also appreciates our community of clinical users notifying us if they become aware of a clinical update or change in local service information. You can contact our team at any time by pressing the “Send Feedback” button located on all pathways within the portal. 
While the clinical team is able to respond to updates as they emerge, each pathway will undergo a formal review every three years. For many pathways such as those within our immunisation suite, revisions occur more frequently as immunisation schedules and information on vaccines change on a regular basis.  
The main reason for periodically reviewing each pathway is to ensure: 
  • they maintain currency with accurate and quality information  
  • the pathway accurately represent the local health system 
  • the pathway is easy to use 
Reviews also help to foster closer relationships between primary and secondary care and identify opportunities to improve the health system. 
At all times, our GP Editors are working with Subject Matter Experts in developing new clinical pathways for the website as well as reviewing existing pathways and updating content. 
To find out more about what has or is in development take a look at the progress report.
For more information regarding the pathway review process, or if you want to be involved, please contact the HealthPathways SA team

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Contact us: For all queries, please contact the HealthPathways South Australia Team