HealthPathways South Australia Team

About us...all team members are based across the partnership (SA Health, Adelaide PHN, Country SA PHN) and work together as the HealthPathways Team.

  • GP Clinical Editors - Responsible for localisation of HealthPathways content, facilitating local Clinical Work Groups and participating in the effective implementation of approved pathways into existing practice. 
  • Clinical LeadersWork in partnership with the HealthPathways South Australia Team to develop and implement the HealthPathways Program. The role draws on clinical and healthcare system knowledge and experience to guide the localisation of the HealthPathways, and support discussion across professional networks to inform pathway development and implementation.
  • Clinical Coordinators - Responsible for supporting development, implementation and maintenance of the HealthPathways program. 

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GP Clinical Editors


Clinical Leaders


Clinical Coordinators


Dr Katrina Couchman  

Dr Simon Lockwood 

Dr Chris Moy 

Dr Muazzam Rifat 

Dr Helena Williams

Dr Simon Jenkins 

Dr Matt McConnell

Ms Debra Moen

Dr Hendrika Meyer 

Ms Verity Patterson

Dr Susanna Proudman 

Dr Jon Shenfine 

Dr Gavin Wheaton 

Associate Prof Craig Whitehead 


Veronica Hunter-Riviere 

Ecushla Linedale 

Litza Myers

Tracey Vonthien

Program Management Support    

Bernie Cummins 

Wendy Dolejs 

Helen Exley


Current Clinical Streams

We are currently working on the following clinical streams:

  • Sexual Health
  • Gastroenterology
  • Respiratory
  • Ophthalmology
  • Older Persons health
  • Child and youth health
  • Palliative care and end of life
  • Mental Health

Check the Pathway Progress tab for a live and up-to-date status of current pathway development.

How are pathways localised?