About HealthPathways South Australia

HealthPathways is a highly successful model developed by Streamliners N.Z Ltd. and Canterbury District Health Board, and has been localised by health professionals across Australia. HealthPathways is an online portal that provides General Practitioners (GPs) and other health professionals with easy access to comprehensive, evidence-based assessment, management and localised referral resources for specific health conditions. 

HealthPathways assists health professionals to care for patients in the community, and establishes standard, agreed referral criteria for local health services across South Australia. HealthPathways enables primary and acute sector health care professionals to work together to improve patient access to the right care at the right time in the right place.

Who can use HealthPathways South Australia? 
HealthPathways is designed to be used at the point of care by GPs, however is  also available to health care professionals across South Australia for use within their scope of practice. HealthPathways is not designed to be used by the general community. However, depending on the specific pathway, relevant patient resources will be   available on the portal for health professionals to provide to patients to support their care. 

Who is involved with development?
HealthPathways South Australia (SA) is a partnership between SA Health, Adelaide Primary Health Network and Country SA Primary Health Network. The partners have established a team to develop and implement HealthPathways South Australia. The HealthPathways team includes GP Clinical Editors, Clinical Coordinators and Clinical Leaders from across the primary and acute health sectors. General Practitioners, hospital specialists, nurses, allied and other health professionals will be engaged to collaborate on the development and localisation of HealthPathways.

How are pathways localised? 
Each pathway goes through a development process. If you are interested in being involved in localisation of pathways, please contact us indicating pathway/s or clinical areas of interest. 

HealthPathways South Australia Team

About us...all team members are based across the partnership (SA Health, Adelaide PHN, Country SA PHN) and work together as the HealthPathways Team.

  • GP Clinical Editors - Responsible for localisation of HealthPathways content, facilitating local Clinical Work Groups and participating in the effective implementation of approved pathways into existing practice. 
  • Clinical Leaders - Work in partnership with the HealthPathways South Australia Team to develop and implement the HealthPathways Program. The role draws on clinical and healthcare system knowledge and experience to guide the localisation of the HealthPathways, and support discussion across professional networks to inform pathway development and implementation.
  • Clinical Coordinators - Responsible for supporting development, implementation and maintenance of the HealthPathways program. 

GP Clinical Editors                                                                           

  Clinical Coordinators                                                              

 Program Management       Support               

   Dr Muazzam Rifat 

  Dr Helena Williams 

  Dr Mai Duong 

  Dr Toni Maldari   

  Dr Lucie Monet           

  Dr Anna Billington 

  Dr Suzi Pedler            

  Veronica Hunter-Riviere      

  Litza Myers 

  Craig Arrighi       

  Marc Apolloni

  Debbie Timpano                              


  Wendy Dolejs           

  Ryan Jackson  

  Bodie Thorpe

  Lisa Filipenko




Current Clinical Streams

We are currently working across multiple clinical streams the Priority Clinical Areas for 2022 - 2024 including the following:

  • Cancer Care
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Child & Youth Health
  • Endocrinology
  • Ear, Nose & Throat
  • Mental Health
  • Neurology
  • Older Persons Health
  • Orthopaedics
  • Urology

Check the Pathway Progress tab for a live and up-to-date status of current pathway development.

Getting started? Watch our short video (3 min) for:

  • What is a pathway?
  • How to find information
  • How to provide feedback


HealthPathways South Australia has been made possible by the funding and support of Wellbeing SA, Adelaide PHN and Country SA PHN.

Contact us: For all queries, please contact the HealthPathways South Australia Team     enquiries@sahealthpathways.com.au